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April 12, 2012 / Wendy Joan

Back From The Abyss

Here’s a hastily whipped-up exercise for my environmental writing class that starts in a half hour. Topic: profile a place.

When I think or running by Tampa Bay I forget about my ever-aching ankles or the brutal heat and think instead of the different things I see every time I run along the same path. The tides tell me when I can peek over the breakwall and spot a Cownose ray hiding in the shallow water, or horseshoe crabs scurrying along–not unpleasant, pungent muck mixed with seaweed that stinks at sunset.

Sure, I run to get stronger, but am equally satisfied when spotting the mother duck and her six four three ducklings in tow, swimming under the bridge toward Snell Isle, cutting through the mangroves to avoid a barefoot man braving the oyster bed for a few fresh mollusks. St. Petersburg’s bayside trail–for lack of a better name–is always a delicious mix. Stay-at-home moms at stroller boot camp, dressed to the nines in crisp activewear to match their toddlers’ jog past fisherfolk with castnets and transients who have wandered down from 4th Street with all of their worldly possessions to nap in the shade. Tourist families racing by on those crazy pedaled contraptions, snowbirds settling down to their daily routine on the beach, white wine in hand–or walk, wielding a telephoto lens to capture a common bird with their camera set to automatic.

I know my runs are sweaty, tough and un-idyllic, but I can’t remember those details as distinctly.


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  1. Wendy Getchell / Apr 12 2012 1:03 pm

    lovely visual of your view!

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