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July 6, 2011 / Wendy Joan

Guilty Pleasure

After tonight’s inevitably sweaty run, I needed a treat.

I’ve been eating like a saint–assuming saints eat healthy–with brown rice and greens for most meals since returning from Buffalo last Friday. After seven days of good food, good drink and one too many an airport meal, and I needed to get back on track.

Halfway through my run, I decided to execute a recipe I’ve been dreaming up for weeks–a faux chicken finger sub.

Fellow Buffalonians know what I’m talking about. The last five years or so, every time I’ve been home for a visit, I end up at Jim’s Steak Out … ordering french fries with blue cheese and hot sauce while everyone else digs in, hands greasy with orange-y goodness. This is the only chicken I will ever crave.

My plan was almost foiled when Publix was out of Morning Star Farms’ Buffalo Chicken Wings.

I substituted a box of plain Morning Star chicken tenders, slathering them in wing sauce before baking. A toasted baguette, a little (lotta) blue cheese dressing, iceberg lettuce and tomatoes later, I was ready to go.

And though I consider myself a fairly good cook, this is by far my greatest creation as of late:

(My fingers were gooey and orange by the time I was through, too.)



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  1. lotusstylemuse / Jul 6 2011 9:03 am

    Oh, this sounds amazing, and I hope you will make it for me for lunch sometime when I come for a Sunday visit!

  2. Pam Biddlecombe / Jul 6 2011 9:33 am

    I am definately trying your version of our signature specialty!!!!!!!!!!!

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