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March 6, 2011 / Wendy Joan

Something Old

(Today is March 2 and this is my second post this year. Yikes!)

Although Sam and I moved into our new apartment four months ago, I just purchased a book shelf. Actually, I purchased a book shelf two weeks ago, and only mustered up the courage to assemble it last Thursday. Look at what I was working with:

And, though I thought all our books were stacked on the floor in my office and tucked away in corners, I found another huge box in the closet. Which I’m surprised I forget about, since all my journals were in there.

2007 and 2008 were great journaling years. Everything around me was changing faster than I was.

Here’s a little something I found from the long lost winter of 2009. I love how far away it feels:


I am wearing a cardigan

sweater and listening

to a southern woman

discuss the possibility

of angels having wings.


The Main Street air

is thick with brand new

tar, or asphalt,

and burnt oranges

from the orange juice factory–

the scents of the season

one week before

a tropical Christmas.


My evangelical lunch-neighbors

have moved on to

outer body experiences.

The young man my age

also wears a cardigan,

neon green,

and convinces the old woman

why you travel

outside your self.


There are gay men in Orlando

she says, in between bites

of her sandwich and faint smacks

of gums sticking to

dentures sticking to potato chips.

(Cardigan photo by girlinredshoes.)


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  1. Heidi / Apr 21 2011 7:46 pm

    I LOVE THIS POEM! LOVE IT. LOVE IT. Especially love the last line: of her sandwich and faint smacks of gums sticking to dentures sticking to potato chips.

    You’re a genius.

    (And did I mention, a damn good quilter?)

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