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November 9, 2010 / Wendy Joan

How To Trick Your Boyfriend Into Eating a Salad for Dinner

Sam's usual feeling toward salad.

I am a vegetable. Sam is a carnivore. Tonight, we had a salade nicoise for dinner. (And lots of red wine.) This has never happened before (the salad part, at least). Let’s rewind:

It’s 10 a.m. and I am starving. Yoga is just starting, which means food isn’t in my future for at least two hours. Throughout the class, I remember an aging head of Boston lettuce in the fridge. And gold potatoes. A few cans of tuna in the cupboard. All I need is a handful of green beans and I have lunch.

Yoga ends. Granola bar and green beans are hastily bought. Sam talks me into sandwiches, cream puffs and cappucinos at Mazzaro’s, our new favorite lunch spot in our new city that we can’t get enough of.

I give in and save the green beans for dinner. After our belly’s are stuffed, I head to the library because our Internet was installed on Saturday and worked ALL weekend and broke today. Boo.

This is where it gets good. This is where I trick Sam “I’m not a salad guy” Agsar into eating a salad for dinner.

I come home from work and Sam has indulged in a few aperitifs in my absence. Neither of us are hungry, but I start cooking and we open a bottle of Ferrero (Rosso di Montalcino), which Sam says tastes like licorice. Whatever.

I leisurely prepare my salad nicoise-inspired dish over the next hour or so, adding chick peas, barley, cucumbers, green olives and lemon-infused onions to the traditional ingredients. I be sure to keep hold Sam’s attention with salted cucumber slices and olives delivered to the couch with additional pours of the Ferrero.

I send Sam to the store for a can opener about 20 minutes before the barley and chick peas are supposed to be done. He comes back with dessert! Miniature Reese’s marked down for Halloween. Hooray!

As he walks in the door, I let him finish off the wine, because he’ll do the dishes and I don’t want any more wine, any how.

Everything is going as planned. I dress the salad and we sit down. I’m pleased. Sam goes back for more potatoes. Crowds roar. The boyfriend’s plate is clean.

To recap:

1. Let him drink.

2. Present snacks at crucial intervals.

3. Send him to the store.

4. Let him polish off the bottle of wine

5. Indulge in dessert.


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  1. betsy / Nov 9 2010 8:26 am

    love it, love the story love how you interact with each other over wine, food and love. i want that too.

  2. Pam Biddlecombe / Nov 9 2010 9:46 am

    So you’ve figured out the man-beast.

    I like Sam!

  3. Heidi / Dec 31 2010 6:22 pm

    Ohmygod. The story of my life.

    Kudos to Sam for eating the salad. Seriously. I’d have to tie Joe’s arms to a chair, pry his mouth open with vice grips and shove lettuce in by the fistful in order to get him to eat a salad.

    Even more the reason for our guys to meet. Maybe your b/f can get my hub to eat greens.

    I once tempted Joe with a strawberry I had grown. A HOMEGROWN STRAWBERRY. I stuck it under his nose. He freaked out. The smell triggered his gag reflex. It was as if I were holding a bleeding pig head in my hands. And to think, I was so proud of my first homegrown strawberry.

    Also: Mazzaro’s is divine. Crowded, but divine. 🙂 Have you tried Messineo’s downtown? It’s small and the stock is hit or miss, but they sell our favorite type of red sauce. Joe also loves their boneless chicken breasts.

  4. Wendy Joan / Jan 2 2011 10:38 am

    You GREW a strawberry? That is so impressive. By the way, you have a great yard for citrus trees. You should get one.
    I have walked by Messineo’s and have meant to stop in one day. I could never buy groceries at Mazzaro’s. Pushing a cart through that place seems like the scariest thing ever.


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