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July 21, 2010 / Wendy Joan

Food on the Dial

Apologies for my absence/early summer hiatus.

One of my excuses might be that, over the past four weeks, I’ve recommitted myself to Bikram Yoga. And have been ever-so-slightly less indulgent in my culinary adventures.

In lieu of tales from the kitchen, here is some great food for thought, straight from the dial:


“A gallon of milk is $3-something. A bottle of orange soda is 89 cents. Do the math.”

Eating Nutritiously A Struggle When Money is Scarce, Morning Edition, 7/20/10


“The way humans have used fish, we started inland and moved further and

further offshore. Salmon represent that first step. Salmon spawn in freshwater

rivers. They’re nearby. And we have this very close interaction with them where we live. So they were one of the first fish that we really hit hard with industrialization. Dams and pollution and all of these different things caused wide-scale extirpation of salmon, particularly Atlantic salmon, throughout their range.

Courtesy of Paul Greenberg/NPR

And now what we’ve seen is, salmon was really the first large-scale domestication project for the fish that we eat. There are many more farmed salmon in the world than wild salmon, and it’s a kind of replacement of a wild-food system with a domestic-food system that has started to kind of be kind

of a model moving forward.”


Paul Greenberg: The Future of Wild Fish, Fresh Air, 7/19/10


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